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Dog TV Daycare #13

Dog Playgroup Stories

TV for dogs to watch! Dogs are social animals and want to be with other dogs while you're away. Music for dogs is okay for highly reactive dogs, but most prefer to watch shows with dogs interacting with other dogs. They learn social skills, it's entertaining, and feels like they're with friends.

Designed to avoid overstimulating your dog, but check how your dog reacts before leaving the video running (don't show this video to dogs that overreact).

Your views provide thousands of dollars of funding for these animal shelter dogs! If you're looking to adopt one of these dogs (located in Tucson, Arizona USA ), see the link below:

The Dogs, in order of appearance
Abbott: A812490
Costello: A812489
Josephine: A811858
Jarvis: A815835
Gidget: A811255
Dusty: A815678
Blue Bell: A815837
Dax: A815838 (152)
Scrappy Doo: A813284
Lexxie: A813368
Oreo: A807525
Caramel Frappe: A815611
Carty: A811850
Brennan: A807899
Magnus: A809245
Lotta: A803849
Nita: A807820
Ghost: A810963
Saskia: A802467
Blue: A801529
Penelope: A817168
Rubble: A816964
Turner: A815655
Isabelle: A816924
Beyonce: A816960
Caleb: A812184
Mr. Soprano: A812326
Silverbell: A816024
Jersey: A817335
Glenn: A817004
Jet: A816905
Geordi: A815984
Peppa: A808082
Escandalosa: A786933
Django: A777970
Bella: A786062
Stanley: A798022
Oliver: A812186
Tyler Gibs on: A796981
Turner: A806538

Music from #Uppbeat (free for Creators!):

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