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We Are The Davises

Kayla and Tyler take on the dog food vs real food challenge! Find out what they up with. This is hilarious! Subscribe

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“We Are The Davises” is an entertaining family vlog channel based in Florida. Our daily videos show our real life moments, challenges, funny skits, and traveling adventures. Shawn is an outstanding father and husband that enjoys coaching children in team sports like football and wrestling. Connie is very creative with our channel as she makes everything in our lives as fun and entertaining as possible while still molding our kids into the amazing people they are today. Kayla’s passion is competitive cheer leading and loves all animals from fluffy puppies to the little frogs. Tyler is obsessed with playing video games and team sports such as football. We are excited to share our fun filled journey!

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Snapchat: wearethedavises

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Creator, Director, Producer, Executive Editor: Connie Davis

Music Credit:
Epidemic Sound 24 HOURS IN A BALL PIT MAZE | We Are The Davises. Lego Misty: Puppy Dog Food Machine by Misty Brick. Hulk’s Pitbull Puppies Fight For Survival | DOG DYNASTY. WHAT'S IN MY BACKPACK? | BACK TO SCHOOL EDITION | We Are The Davises. 😱 DISGUSTING REAL FOOD vs. GUMMY FOOD CHALLENGE! 😱 SWITCH UP EDITION! WHAT'S THAT SMELL CHALLENGE! Twins vs Twins! Who will react the best? DOCTOR DRILL 'N FILL CHALLENGE | PLAY DOH | We Are The Davises. TINY THINGS VS GIANT THINGS | SWITCH UP | We Are The Davises. Spider Tag / That YouTub3 Family. MYSTERY BOX SLIME SWITCH-UP CHALLENGE!!! KAYLA'S SPECIAL SLIME SMOOTHIE | PART 2 | We Are The Davises. Real Food VS Gummy Food! Giant Candy Challenge - Best Chef Edition Daddy VS Jordon. TRICK OR TREAT SWITCH UP CHALLENGE | We Are The Davises. MAKING TWO GALLONS OF HOLO SLIME WITH MY BABY BROTHER GABE. Off To Netherland - Minecraft.

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