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DIY ‘90s VAN to MODERN TINY HOME... The Entire Build

Drew Builds Stuff

In this video I buy this old 1990 Chevy G20 conversion van and transform it into a modern, handmade, luxurious camper van complete with a hidden tv, sink, fridge, maple cabinets, vinyl floor, cedar ceiling, pot lights, neon lights and retractable barbeque. This detailed build video outlines the entire building process complete with narration and full explanation of each step. Then I take my new camper van on a camping trip in the Canadian wilderness.

The entire livable van build cost $7000 CAD in renovations, plus $6000 for the van itself.

Materials and Plans:
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Product Links:
My Everyday Camera:
Better Camera I use for Ending Scenes:
SoftClose Drawer Slides:
SoftClose Cabinet Hinges:
Flexible Solar Panels:
VTOMAN 1500W/hr Portable Power Bank:
DC Pump for Sink:
Stainless Sink:
12Volt Fridge:
12Volt Pot Lights:
12V Fuse Box:
Couch Fabric:
Bubble Insulation:
Tile Adhesive:
16Guage Wire:
DC Plugs:
Roof Vent:

Kreg Track Saw:
Kreg Hinge Jig:
Table Saw:
Circular Saw:
Drill & Impact:
Nail Gun:
Miter Saw:

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