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Did you know that Siberian cat..?🐱🐾| DID YOU KNOW #5 |

10 And Only

In this episode of our 'Did You Know' series on the 10 And Only YouTube channel, we explore the amazing hunting skills of Siberian cats.

Surviving in the harsh Siberian wilderness, these cats have evolved exceptional hunting skills. The severe climate and limited food sources compelled these cats to become efficient hunters to survive. In their natural habitat, they can prey on a wide range of animals, from rodents and birds to hares , and even snakes or small deer .

Interestingly, these hunting skills are not lost when these cats are domesticated. In a home or garden setting, a Siberian cat can be a helpful ally in controlling the population of rodents and other pests.

Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of Siberian cats and uncover more about these superb hunters. Don't miss this exciting 'Did You Know' short!

posted by CUHl4