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Uncover injectors | Internal cleaning of injectors | Epson head | Final solution (English subtitles)

Ricardo Enríquez Gómez - Sistemas

Effective process to unclog clogged nozzles from dry ink

VERY IMPORTANT, BEFORE DOING THE PROCESS: In order not to make mistakes, before carrying out the procedure and having answers to some questions, I recommend you watch the following complementary video that I have made for this video by the questions and mistakes that some have made.

Sorry for the very loud sound, it was one of my first videos on the channel and I didn't know anything about video editing.
The process should ONLY be done to the nozzle that has printing problems.
If after doing the video process, nothing prints, I advise you to do a deep cleaning or ink removal to solve the problem.
Syringe size and type: 5ml normal

posted by carbhaidh77