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Deeply Peaceful Music for Stressed Cats - 528 Hz u0026 Cat Purring Sounds

Cats Only Channel

Deeply Peaceful Music for Stressed Cats 528 Hz & Cat Purring Sounds

This is soothing music with cat purring sounds, ideal for relaxation and sleep.
Cat purring is essentially a sound that is also used as a means of communication between mother and kitten and helps to reassure the cat.
And it has the effect of regulating the human autonomic nervous system, balancing hormones, and reducing stress.
Although there are various theories, the 528 Hz frequency is believed to relieve stress and tension, and to bring about a relaxing effect.
I hope this music helps you and your cat relax. Please enjoy it with your cat.

This music is not a substitute for professional medical care or advice.

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Footage ⓒ2021 Cats Only Channel
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528Hz Healing Music / playlist
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