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Deep Freezers use WAY less energy than you think


Given the state of the world, you could be forgiven for planning ahead with backup power and a method of preserving food. Deep freezers or chest freezers are great for storing large amounts of food for a long time. But how much juice do they really use? If you're running on the backup power of a generator, for example, will the deep freezer suck too much electricity? It turns out the answer will surprise you!

Also, note that some chest freezers use less instantaneous power. I have one that only uses a max of 120W! However, it's annual kilowatthour rating is the same as other units that use 200W. So, a lower power rating doesn't necessarily mean a lower annual operating cost. Sometimes, the compressor just runs more to compensate.

Finally, keep in mind that the bigger the deep freezer and the more frozen food you have inside, the longer it will all last in the event that you have to unplug it. It's the same as a small ice cube vs a block of ice the size of a car: the big block of ice will last WAAAY longer.

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posted by ponesimokj