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Day In The Life Of A Devon Rex


#devonrex #cats #dayinthelife

In this day in the life of a devon rex named Juice, we'll be taking a look at the different activities Juice will engage in during the course of a day. From playing to napping to eating, we'll get a 360 degree view of what a day in the life of a Devon Rex is like!

If you're interested in cats or love watching cute videos, be sure to check out this day in the life of a Devon Rex! This video will show you everything from how a Devon Rex eats to how they play. You'll never look at a cat the same way again after watching this video!

Intro 0:00
Waking Up 0:09
Breakfast Time 0:57
Playtime 1:29
Juice Storage Spot 1:52
Afternoon Nap 3:04
Dinner Time 4:27
Goodnight 4:55

posted by Zinziowh