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Dangerously Cute


This is Amber cat, aka Amber Kitters aka Cuters Kitters aka Ambpurrs

~Some History on Amber~

She is our pet tortie, and is approx. 11 years old. We got her from a rescue centre, when she was just under a year old.
Previously coming here to her forever home, she had been badly abused as well as neglected the RSPCA helped her get back in her feet, having been very malnourished, problems with her claws, miscarriage, and prolapse.

She was rather thin, when she first came to us, and she had other issues that coincides with abuse, like being very skittish around particular people (especially men) not liking particular noises.

She is still scared of guys, thankfully not my partner, and she still cares nothing at all for the sound of soda/pop cans or aerosol cans.
Clearly she had beer cans etc thrown at her when she was a kitten :( Oh and she really dislikes her tail being touched too, but she `allows it` if its me needing to go there with her for any particular reason, same goes with cutting her claws.

She is not a very talkative cat, but she does trill, she also very good at coming to you when her name is called too.

Amber cat, she is so very gentle, cute, adorable and a little cheeky too. Its hard to believe that she came from such a harsh beginning in her life. Yet praise God that she came to us, Amber is certainly a blessing

posted by dave69lm7