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Daisy's Diary: How to Walk Your Cat on a Leash Harness u0026 Leash Walking My Cat Compilation #7 4K

Sea Cat

Daisy, our Oriental Shorthair cat, goes for leash walks wearing a harness. Because we take her on daily walks, she's trained for leash walking and we can keep her safe. We take her along on daily outings and vacations. This compilation video shows Daisy leash walking in a quaint Carmel passageway, in the park, and in a Napa vineyard. It also shows her sitting in her stroller as she strolls thru the Monterey Fisherman's Wharf. We always bring her stroller so she can use it as her safe place in case she gets scared by the surroundingsan unusual noise or an unusual animal. This way she knows she can jump into it until she feels safe. Her stroller is a big part of her leash walking. She looks forward to going with us and she loves traveling to different places. MEOW

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