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Daisy's Diary: CFA All Breed Cat Show with Bengal Maine Coon Devon Rex u0026 Ocicat Vallejo CA 4K

Sea Cat

This all breed cat show preview features Bengal, Maine Coon Cat, Devon Rex, Abyssinian, Norwegian Forest Cat, Ocicat, & Tonkinese breeds. This show is sponsored by The Cat Fanciers' Association and was held in Vallejo, CA, on April 1, and April 2, 2023. Please visit their website at to learn more about these beautiful pedigreed breeds. These videos and photos are a sample of the pedigreed cats that were featured in the show. A more comprehensive video accompanies this video. Daisy enjoyed attending this show and whiffing the scents of her feline friends. She was MEOWED out for sure today!

posted by inadirtyshirtsl