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Cuteness Overload: African Grey Gizmo Takes Care of New Indian Ringneck Bloob for the First Time!

Gizmo the Grey Bird

Welcome to our latest video featuring our African Grey parrot Gizmo as he babysits our new Indian Ringneck Bloob for the first time! This video is packed with cuteness overload as Gizmo takes on the role of caretaker for our newly rescued parakeet Bloob, who joined our family on April 29th and is 7 years old.

Watch as Gizmo shows off his sassy but nurturing side and takes great care of Bloob, teaching him new tricks and providing him with all the attention and love he needs. This heartwarming video is sure to put a smile on your face and melt your heart.

Our channel is dedicated to showcasing the amazing intelligence, personality, and beauty of parrots/birds like Gizmo, Bloob, and Bird. From training tips to fun parrot playtime, we have something for everyone who loves these wonderful creatures.

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