Manx Cat meets Hedgehog (Odin watches)

Odin the German Shepherd

Winston the Manx kitten Hedgehog Gives Birth to 5 Little Hoglets with a Lot of Cuteness. German Shepherd, a Husky, and Midnight Black. Feeding the Lone Stranger Midnight. CAT AND HEDGEHOG TAKE BATH! Introducing Male & Female Betta Fish To Eachother Part 1. ORIGINAL VIDEO: Kitty sits on hedgehog! Silly Manx cat playing. Dog Soap Opera Continues... Odin, Hannah, and Midnight. Odin teasing Hannah. Shming swimming. Hannah Loves Odin. Cat puts her buttocks on a hedgehog. Manx Charlie and His Tail Learn to Fit in | Too Cute! Cat Meets Hedgehog, Sits on It.