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Cute Cats and Stupid Self-Defense Lessons: Ellen Checks Out Amazing Viral Videos


Ellen took a look at some adorable and hilarious viral videos featuring kittens, wine bottle hacks gone wrong, and a baseball-loving nun. They're guaranteed to brighten your day. Ellen Looks Back at Her Favorite Pranks. How Steve Harvey's Grandkids Convinced Him to Buy an $8,500 Teepee. Ellen's Thanksgiving Seating Strategy. Jennifer Lawrence Explains Her Drunk Alter Ego 'Gail'. A Hilariously Epic Zombie Prank. Ellen Takes Her and Portia's Road Trip Games to the Audience. Ellen's Hilarious Netflix Promo Blooper. Ellen Looks Back at Her Favorite LOL Moments. Korean Beatboxer 'Bigman' Daeung Yun Wows Ellen. Would You Wear These Swimsuits? Ellen Cooks with Padma Lakshmi. Ellen Plays 'What's in the Box?' with Guest Model Demi Lovato. Sandra Bullock Answers Ellen's Burning Questions. You Can Learn Anything on YouTube. Why I Don't Have Kids.

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