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Chatterbot Altcoin Blockchain Crypto Investment Newsletter - Podcast From August 11 2021 Part 1

Crypto Investing Newsletter This video is part 1 of an August 11, 2021 podcast from Chip who runs the Chatterbot daily altcoin and cryptocurrency investment newsletter.

In this video he discusses:

0:00 Chip from Chatterbot Newsletter Introduction
0:30 $100,000 USD made by newsletter subscriber in recent weeks
0:45 Inflation and cryptocurrency
1:15 What millionaires are saying about DEFI space and monetary value and changing dynamic toward crypto

Here is more about the Chatterbot crypto and blockchain investment newsletter subscription private VIP area:

The Chatterbot Crypto Chat Newsletter, run by Chip in Australia, is a different kind of cryptocurrency investment newsletter. While most newsletters will give daily or weekly “picks” and/or entry & exit points for the main crypto coins (BitCoin, Etherium, etc.) this newsletter is different. Chip posts on Twitter and Gab as “Litecoin Bull”, and he covers a tremendous amount of events happening around the world in addition to crypto topics.

His newsletter isn’t emailed to you each day. Instead, the posts are made inside a VIP members’ area and he covers a wide range of topics such as:

Crytocurrency coins and altcoins to consider for buy and hold (often referred to as “HODL”)
Other digital investing opportunities such as NFT’s, virtual land and digital real estate (such as those commanding premiums inside various online games)
Personal development and personal transformation resources
Precious metals
Many other topics including world events and how they may affect your crypto and other investments

His loyal members have added to the Chatterbot VIP area community, and many members who leave comments/replies often get wonderful feedback from others in the community as well as Chip. Here are just some of the testimonials/reviews and success stories you will discover:

If you prefer to listen to Chip's podcasts on more traditional podcast services then you may follow his podcasts on any of these channels:

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