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Cornish Rex cat having fun on treadmill

Annika Kortell

9 weeks old Cornish Rex kitten - Male- SURPRISE. Most Annoying Cornish Rex In The World. Funny cat Cornish Rex / Забавная кошка Корниш Рекс. Rita The Cornish Rex gets a bath. Cornish Rex cat babys 10 weeks old. Kittens Cornish Rex ! LOve. Ready to 'sleep' with a Devon Rex kitten?!? Hungry cornish rex kittens! My Cornish Rex-cats peforms on a scratching tree. Cat Wars- Cornish Rex vs Devon Rex. Cornish Rex perched on shoulder, falling asleep! Cornish Rex opens a door. Odd-eyed Devon Rex kitten's first time seeing birds at the feeder. Zimon (Cornish Rex). Nightly walk with Cornish Rex.

posted by papatkiti