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Cornish Rex boy have fun at cat show!Your Cat love to play!

Diana Horn

Cat Breed: Cornish Rex
Status: living with me, our breed male of our Cattery Cornish rex and Siamese doing some tricks! Very good Cornish Rex cat does dog TRICKS! Zephyr the Oriental Shorthair Cat, Talking to His Cat Sitter. Cornish Rex is best friend for children! You have to see! Cornish Rex kittens at the breeder. Cat Show, PDX, 2009 judging of Voodoo the Oriental Shorthair. cute Cornish Rex kitten, My Honey Chopin! Cat Breed Cornish Rex! GB*My Little cornish rex kittens (10 weeks old). 9 weeks old Cornish Rex kitten - Male- SURPRISE. LIVE: Princess Consuela and her kittens! TinyKittens.com. Cornish Rex kitten helping cat out with the kittens! Oriental shorthair Rufus. Jan Rogers introduces Cornish Rex cat Cornelian Hortense. Champion Cornish Rex Cat. Silly Cornish Rex kitten trying to catch wind.

by Diana Horn