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Conversation with my Bengal kitten Molly

Krys S

Having conversation with my Bengal kitten , this is Molly my Bengal cat ,she is about 4 months here ,Great pet ,smart ,playful ,very cute 2018 update kind of follow up to this video many conversations later :) take a look if you like to see how is she now.

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Molly talking on her cat tree

The clip was shoot when she was about four months old ,it was Sunday afternoon winter 2014 in Nyc , Just an adorable little kitten , as I lie down on the couch to he relax in half a minute she was right there with me :) she usually follows us everywhere where we go in the house. So it was just Molly and I this afternoon my girlfriend was at work .
Now Molly is about A year and a half still loves to cuddle and of course talks a lot all the time ;) I have more videos from the time we brought her home she was only a 8 weeks old I think I will upload some more on YouTube . I want to thank everybody for watching and I'm glad you guys enjoyed it.

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