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Compilation: Pea Pea's Best Escape Room Challenge Video 🔴 Cartoon for kids | 1 Hour Video

Pea Pea Wonderland

Here is a summary of all the adventures through Pea Pea's escape room challenge. Funny situations, interesting lessons will bring the little ones moments of laughter. Pea Pea always wishes to give the little ones healthy play time, the development of thinking, learning and exposure to things and events in life through Pea Pea's small stories!

Welcome to Pea Pea Wonderland!
Pea Pea Wonderland is a channel that spread out laughter, happiness and valuable lessons for people through Pea Pea's journey on Earth. Pea Pea loves making DIY toys and machine and join funny challenges. Hope you have great time with Pea Pea Wonderland!

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Producer Hoang Nguyen
Director Vu Le
Scriptwriter Vu Le
Animator Duy Le
Editor & Sound designer Khanh Ninh
Production Designer Nhu
System Developer Loi Dinh

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