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How to Install Roof Rails on a 2011 Acura MDX (08L02-STX-210B)

Vasquez International Properties, LLC

It's fairly easy to install the roof rails or roof rack on an Acura MDX. Just make sure you separate your parts into "RH" and "LH."

(00:00) Intro
(00:25:) Parts list
(01:14) First measurement (Standard & Metric)
(02:30) Start removing the top seal brackets
(05:40) Cut off the top seal
(06:20) Cut the top seal into sections
(10:50) Install spacers & reinstall top seal sections
(12:30) Start installing the roof rail brackets
(14:30) Torque down the center roof rail bracket (Nm, ft.lbs & in.lbs.)
(19:00) Torque down the roof rail (Nm, ft.lbs & in.lbs.)
(20:00) Install the caps (Final step)
(21:35) Outro

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