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Class of 2025: Sophomore Year | OPB | The impact of extracurriculars adult engagement u0026 attendance

Oregon Public Broadcasting

Watch a group of sophomores in the Class of 2025 on their path to high school graduation.

It’s sophomore year for the Class of 2025. Students are finding out what they like to do, who helps them overcome barriers, and whether they're on track to graduate — but sometimes life gets in the way. Watch the stories of a group of Oregon students OPB has followed since kindergarten as they get one year closer to high school graduation.

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Sophomore Year 20222023
Aired: 10/23/23

Director & Producer: Kate McMahon
Education Reporter & Producer: Elizabeth Miller
Senior Producer: Rob Manning
Cinematographer & Editor: Dan Evans

0:00 Class of 2025 Introduction
1:40 Fall semester of Sophomore year
2:53 Anais, David Douglas HS Sophomore, Class of 2025
4:32 Student attendance as indictor for graduation
5:43 Osvaldo, David Douglas HS Sophomore, Class of 2025
8:43 Josh, David Douglas HS Sophomore, Class of 2025
11:29 Ava, David Douglas HS Sophomore, Class of 2025
13:49 Kaylie, David Douglas HS Sophomore, Class of 2025
16:30 Pressures high school students face
17:47 The importance of extracurricular activities
19:14 Day Academy
21:04 Rayshawn, Rosemary Anderson HS, Class of 2025
22:11 The importance of teachers and their connection to the students
24:11 Teacher burnout and how it connects to student graduation rate
24:46 What if a high school diploma isn't the only way to measure success?
25:14 Jacob, Molalla HS, Class of 2025
26:41 The impact of home life on a student's attendance
27:22 Sophomore year reflection
28:57 The evolution of OPB's Class of 2025 project

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