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Class of 2025: Freshman Year | OPB | The transition and the first year back to in-person learning

Oregon Public Broadcasting

It’s freshman year for the Class of 2025! Freshman year is an important year for students on the road to graduation and the pressure to meet Oregon’s 100% high school graduation goal is heavier than ever after struggles in the pandemic.

Watch the stories of students OPB has been following since kindergarten, and find out what happens as they grow up, who helps them overcome barriers and why some are on track to graduate while others are not.

OPB's long running “Class of 2025″ is a multimedia reporting series, which began in 2012 after the state of Oregon set a goal that every student would complete high school starting in 2025. This 12 year long project follows the same students from Kindergarten through Senior Year.

Learn more about the project:

Freshman Year 20212022
Aired: 10/10/22

Director & Producer: Kate McMahon
Education Reporter & Producer: Elizabeth Miller
Senior Producer: Rob Manning
Cinematographer & Editor: Dan Evans

0:00 Class of 2025 Introduction, from Kindergarten to graduation
1:25 The transition from middle school to high school, 9th Grade Counts
3:36 The impacts of Covid 19 and distance learning had on students
3:45 Current graduation rate of Oregon
4:23 Ambition in high school students
5:20 First day of freshman year
6:41 Covid 19 Pandemic's effect for students' graduation
7:04 How Math is the subject that can indicate graduation rates
8:06 Attendance is an indicator of graduation
8:43 How moving factors into graduation
11:35 Student engagement through music, sports and activities
13:25 Barriers to graduation
16:44 The story of freshman year

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