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Chucky Army Invades Dogs' House: Funny Dog Maymo Calls Predator u0026 Gets Surprise Car Ride


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Watch Funny Dogs Maymo and Potpie vs a Chucky Army Prank that Invades their House, only to get Surprised with a Dancing Car Ride with The Predator! An army of Chucky dolls invade Maymo and Potpie’s house while the cute beagle dogs are sleeping. The Chucky’s make a massive mess with their pranks by knocking things off shelves, hanging off the ceiling fan, and blowing things up! Funny dog Maymo and Potpie wake up to the loud noises, only to be surprised by the destructive group of Chucky dolls. Maymo calls his alien friend, Predator, to come and help clean up the mess, but instead, Predator surprises the dogs with a dancing car ride, which turns into a car chase when Chucky dolls begin crawling into the moving car! The car chase ends with the dogs and Predator throwing the Chucky dolls out of the car, and then the two dogs and alien monster pick up a giant Chucky, who is reading a book in the park. Back at Maymo’s house, Big Chucky scolds the little Chucky dolls for their stupid pranks, and takes them with him away in the car, away from the two cute dogs.

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posted by Bellignoh5