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Chevy 2500 6.6L GAS Engine (L8T) **HEAVY MECHANIC Review** | How Good of an Engine Is It??

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I Review a Chevy 2500 HD with the 6.6L GAS L8T v8 engine as a Heavy Duty mechanic. I discuss 4 advantages of the new 6.6L gas engine from GM and then talk about some common issues and problem with this new 6.6L gas v8 from Chevrolet. Finally I give my conclusion as a mechanic whether or not the 6.6L L8T is a good engine.

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I hope everyone had a good weekend. A lot of people were asking about the new 6.6L gas engine offered in the Chevy/GMC HD 2500 pick up trucks so I figured it was time to take a deep dive and see what it is all about.

I like how simple GM kept this engine. it's really nothing fancy and is just a push rod v8. I like that GM has extended the stroke of this LT engine giving the 6.6L gas an easier time producing torque and producing it much sooner in the rpm band which is exactly what you want out of a work truck.

I also like that GM did not add their active fuel management to this engine because this system is currently causing alot of issues with the 5.3L engines in the 1500 trucks.

A huge red flag for me is that this new 6.6L gas engine has an oil consumption issues. GM has alot of issues like this in the past and its not good to see it happened with this new engine.

people have alot complained about the poor fuel economy of this engine and I have to say it was not impressive. especially when you look at the relatively low power numbers

overall this engine is going to be great for fleet trucks and great for work trucks but for personal use I would much prefer my 6.4 hemi or fords 7.3L Godzilla v8 engine.

Hope you guys liked the video!

posted by Zurlandikt