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Chantilly Tiffany - Top 10 Facts

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The ChantillyTiffany is a cat breed that started with a pair of chocolatecolored kittens of unknown origin. These felines are known for being affectionate, social, and talkative. These cats love to be around humans and will form very strong bonds with the main people in their life.

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In this video, we are counting down the top 10 facts about the Chantilly Tiffany that you might not know.

A Quick Overview:
Origin: The United States
Length: Medium
Weight: 6 to 12 pounds
Life Expectancy: 7 to 16 years

The ChantillyTiffany is super lovable and very devoted to the humans in their life. This is a breed of cat that always wants to be around the human company, so don't be surprised if the cat happily follows you around from room to room, whether you're cooking in the kitchen, relaxing on the couch bingewatching a TV series, or napping in the bedroom.

The exact nature of the breed’s early development is uncertain, with two popular theories in circulation. The first is that in the 1960s, cat enthusiast Jennie Robinson came upon two chocolatebrown cats that were being offered in an estate sale – cats that were supposedly extinct – and the other is that she came by them in a petshop – either way, the breed was thought so appealing that in 1969 Robinson began a selective breeding program and went on to breed 60 kittens in a 7 year period. Initially, the two cats purchased by Robinson, named Thomas and Shirley, were mistaken for Burmese due to their long coats. The breed is recognized by most major cat registries, although it is registered under different names, including the original ‘Foreign Longhair’ and the ‘Asian SemiLonghair.’

The ChantillyTiffany also has a reputation as a vocal feline. They'll happily talk to you throughout the day, so be prepared for some cat chat! Beyond the breed's affectionate side, they also showcase a playful streak. Make sure you have a solid selection of toys in rotation and consider adding smart, interactive toys to the living environment.


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