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CGI Animated Short Film: 'Pharaoh' by Derrick Forkel Mitchell Jao | CGMeetup


CGI 3D Animated Short Film: Pharaoh Animated Short Film by Derrick Forkel, Mitchell Jao at the School of Visual Arts. Featured on CGMeetup'>'>'>

A young new pharaoh must face down tradition and family in order to find her place as a ruler

Pharaoh Animated short film directed by Derrick Forkel and Mitchell Jao. Created at the School of Visual Arts.
Derrick Forkel Shading, Modeling , Lighting , Compositing , and Grooming
Mitchell Jao Cinematography , Animation , and Character TD
Massive thank you to all the underclassmen that chipped in , the voice actors and our incredible composer Omar Habbak who helped bring the piece all together.

Derrick Forkel
Mitchell Jao
Omar Habbak
Making Of on   / pharaohthesisfilm  

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CGI Animated Short Film: "Pharaoh" by Derrick Forkel, Mitchell Jao | CGMeetup
   • CGI Animated Short Film: "Pharaoh" by...  

   / cgmeetup  

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