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CFA International Show 2019 - Longhair Kitten Class Judging - Set 1

Doug guoD

An American Bobtail and 2 American Curls in longhair kitten class judging at the 2019 CFA International Cat Show held in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

The American Bobtail & white Curl are actually shorthairs. While both breeds have longhair & shorthair divisions, a peculiarity of CFA is a breed is shown in it's entirety as either longhair or shorthair thus, much to my initial surprise many years ago, Zots are shown and compete in the longhair class. Dunno quite how it's determined if a breed with both long & short hair divisions is placed in either longhair or shorthair class for judging.

I used the thumbnail 'cause just too cute not to.

The judge is Wayne Harding.

posted by esbohigakx