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CFA International Cat Show 2018 - Shorthair Kitten class judging - 1

Doug guoD

American Shorthair and Javanese kittens in class judging at the 2018 CFA International Cat Show held in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

The judge is Rachel Anger.

Much to my surprise there was only 1 American Shorthair kitten in the Teal Show. Not so surprised there was also only 1 Javanese kitten.

The difference (I looked it up) between Balinese & Javanese is the color of their points, Balinese being seal, chocolate, blue & lilac - Javanese being everything else.

This is the 1st vid I've done using BlackMagic's DaVinci Resolve. Though the interface appears simple, the program is quite complex I just learned what I needed to in order to normalize log files, I've found it's quite a bit better at that than I've found Premiere to be - so I'll be using the combination of the two for the rest of this year's International Show vids. CFA International Cat Show 2017 - Championship Cornish Rex. MEET THE BREEDS : BURMESE. CFA International Cat Show 2018 - Maine Coon kitten class judging.Set 1. Cat show basics. CFA International Cat Show 2018 - Persian kitten class judging.Solids.1. Our Siamese Cats at Shower Time. Showtime for Your Cat. My sweet little cat Balinese (Longhair siamese or Javanese). Why Does My Cat ROLL OVER When He Sees Me? CFA International Cat Show 2018 - Exotic kitten class judging. My Siamese Cat Talking to me :). TICA's Kim Tomlin and Pamela Barrett judging Persians. No cat no life - CUTE Cats and owners are the best friend #2. NATURE | Why We Love Cats and Dogs | Cat Show | PBS. CFA International Cat Show 2018 - Vicki Nye Shorthair Premiere Final.

posted by esbohigakx