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Celebrities Impersonating Other Celebs – Compilation 2

Spencer Althouse

I edited together another compilation of some of my favorite times celebrities did impressions of other famous people (full list of all 28 below). I love these so much. Enjoy!

1. Vanessa Bayer as Jennifer Aniston
2. Emma Stone as Britney Spears
3. Tom Cruise as Donald Duck
4. James Marsden as Matthew McConaughey
5. Anne Hathaway as Matthew McConaughey
6. Jay Pharoah as Chris Rock
7. Jay Pharoah as Eddie Murphy
8. Ariana Grande as Jennifer Coolidge
9. Zac Efron as Michael Jackson
10. Aubrey Plaza as Marcia Gay Harden
11. Austin Butler as Christopher Walken
12. Austin Butler as Quentin Tarantino
13. Ian McKellen as Maggie Smith
14. Jamie Foxx as Mike Tyson
15. Benedict Cumberbatch as Graham Norton
16. Benedict Cumberbatch as Chewbacca
17. Jon Hamm as Ray Romano
18. Ray Romano as Jon Hamm
19. Maya Rudolph as Gwen Stefani
20. Bill Hader as Al Pacino
21. Tina Fey as Tracy Morgan
22. Robin Williams as Jack Nicholson
23. Seth MacFarlane as Liam Neeson
24. Michelle Obama as Barack Obama
25. Sarah Paulson as Kathleen Turner
26. Taran Killam as Jeff Goldblum
27. Tom Hiddleston as Chris Evans
28. And Vanessa Bayer/Jen Aniston as Rachel Green

posted by neubranqx