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Cats With Short Legs - Must Know Facts


Considered as a rare breed of cats, cats with short legs have been seen multiple times in the previous century. Also known as dwarf cats, these cats are known for their short legs. Although these cats are short in size, they cannot be called miniature cats.

Munchkin Cat
The Munchkin cat appears medium shaped along with triangular ears, walnut-shaped eyes, and a long frame. In addition, munchkin cat features stubby and short legs and this remains one of the most recognizable features.

The Munchkin cat consists of well-sized forelegs and is never bothered by it short legs. Moreover, the cat appears in both long-haired and short-haired varieties.

Bambino Cat
This cat resembles a newborn and many are completely bald. In case if they have some, bambinos hair looks downy fluff and very light. In fact, Bambinos are a result of some good recent crossbreeding.

Minskin Cat

These cats have very short legs. In fact, the fur appears only at certain places including face, ears, nose, legs, and tail. Especially, the belly looks hairless and only sparse hair appears all over the body. Moreover, when Minskin has fur, it resembles the finest silk fabric.
Dwelf Cat
Dwelf cats are curl-eared, short-legged, and hairless cat derived from Munchkin, American Curl, and Sphynx. These cats have well-rounded abdomens and have short, powerful legs. In fact, the front legs of Dwelf cats are normally bowed in shape.
Lambkin Cat
Lambkins are a cross breed between the famous Selkirk Rex and Munchkin cat. This cat consists of a small to the medium-sized body. In general, it will mainly have short legs from the Munchkin or crinkled coat from the Rex cat.
Kinkalow Cat
The Kinkalow is a cross breed between the Munchkin and the American Curl. Due to its Munchkin parent, these cats are short. Moreover, when a Kinkalow cat is born, they mostly contain straight ears. But later, the ears curl and turn crescent-shaped.
Skookum Cat
Being a crossbreed between the Munchkin and LaPerm cat, Skookums are easily identified by their curly coat and short legs. This cat contains shorter bones. These cats are also popular for its stocky and short body. Also, Skookums have shorter front legs compared to their hind legs.
Napolean Cat
This cat is the result of a successful crossbreeding between a Persian and the Munchkin cat. Known as “baby doll face”, these cats appear long-legged as well as short-legged.

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