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Sooner or later in many families the question arises: "Who to choose - a dog or a cat?" You want a faithful, obedient friend, and choose a dog. Your wife is dreaming of a fluffy purring lump sleeping peacefully on the couch. Children want both a cat and a dog.

It is believed that cats are fluffy and self-satisfied lazy creatures, and dogs are irrepressible merrycats. But we love them - each in its own way.

If you choose a pet, think about who you see next to you: either the faithful eyes of the dog, or a comfortable purr on the knees. A cat is an independent animal, it will not carry out your orders and look into your eyes with adoration. If in your dreams you see an obedient animal, bringing you sneakers after your busy day, stop your choice on a dog. Cats are tied to the house, and dogs to the owner. Therefore, if you often move from place to place, then you better choose a dog.

But the cats are gentle, funny creatures, they act soothingly on people, raise their spirits, and, according to many, even cure, lying down on a sore spot. A cat requires less attention than a dog. Walking with cats is not necessary, and they eat much less than dogs. Cats are more independent. So if you are a busy person and do not have time to raise and train your pet, choose a cat.


1:01 How to understand a cat's tail
2:02 Why it's worth getting a dog
3:00 Whu do all cats do this?
4:55 Cats VS dogs
7:54 Life with a dog
10:10 How to understand a dog
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posted by morganepaquet7e