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CATS TV - ULTIMATE Games Compilation for CATS u0026 DOGS #02 (50 games in 1) - 3 HOURS

CATS TV - Videos & Games

Discover the BEST games for your cats and dogs: the new ULTIMATE compilation #02 50 differents games in 1 video for 3 hours with 3D stereo sound! Realistic mouse, ladybug, centipede, flies, ants, laser pointer and 15 more realistic bugs & toys. Leave me a comment with your cat's favorite insect, and subscribe if you want more videos and games for your cats (it would help a lot!)

EACH FRIDAY ON CATS TV: A new video ONLY for your cat!


Catching REAL Mouse:

Catch the ladybug:

Catching ants:

Realistic centipede:

Realistic Dragonfly :

Various mice, ladybugs, Crazy Mouse Toy, Realistic Ants, butterfly, flies, real laser pointer, real bouncing balls, ball of yarn, firefly, centipede, Rainbow string thing, dragonfly, fish, dolphins, whales, turtles, snake, ants, cockroach, flies, birds, woodlouse, rabbit, and many others real bugs and toys!

What is your cat's favorite?

Entertain your cats with CATS TV, the best games for cats to watch! Make them feel happy and healthy.

Please be careful, some cats and dogs are savages
I always recommend using an old monitor or TV to avoid any damage to your screens

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