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How attached are cats to their owners?

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Do cats love us as much as we love them? Or do they view us merely as a provider of resources? Shorty, Kodi and their guardian give their perspective in this study/BBC mockumentary. (Note this is not necessarily a response video directed at the BBC's footage of preliminary research results found here - as the study has not concluded and thus, results can be misrepresented and misinterpreted, but this is a general response to any who question the affection cats show to their humans.) Music is Perspectives by Kevin MacLeod, Cats Protect You and Your Home from Ghosts and Negative Spirits. 26 Facts About Cats That'll Make You Love Them. 8 Important Ways Cats Try To Communicate With Us And What They Really Mean. 40 Awesome Cat Facts to Understand Them Better. OMG what's wrong with these ANIMALS!? - The FUNNIEST PET VIDEOS. Why Does My Cat Sleep With Me? - 5 Reasons You’ll Love to Know. How to Get a Cat to Like You | Lifehacker. You’re Petting Your Cat All Wrong! ADORABLE Cats showing love to their Owners will make your heart Melting - Cute cat Videos. 10 Signs Your Cat Owns You. Cats Meeting Owners After Long Time [Funny Pets]. Why Do Vicious Killers Make Good Pets? 10 Things CATS HATE That You Should Avoid. 7 Signs Your Cat Actually Loves You. 7 Sounds Cats Make and What They Mean.

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