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Cats enjoying a group treat!


We're back! Behind the scenes shooting a recent video for Instagram and Facebook! Did you know Oriental Shorthairs love to engage with their humans! Which Dobbikat is your favorite and why? Please let me know! What's it like to live with Oriental Shorthairs? Meet Stache the Cat - the amazing cat with a moustache. Group Cat Nap. Teddy the early years. Oriental shorthair wants porridge. Teddy tells me his hunger honks. WARNING: You will POOP YOUR PANTS from LAUGHING TOO HARD - FUNNY CATS compilation. Teddy and Stache hanging in the warmest spot in the house! When your cat refuses to share his treats. Dexter all fangs playing with Teddy and Bindi! Teddy is an Oriental Shorthair cat that loves to honk. Oriental kittens. We are the Hobbikats! Stache, Bindi, Teddy and Dexter! Teddy the Honking Cat. Oriental Shorthair Cats Saying Hello.

posted by vesiadisay