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Cats - British Shorthair CATS -

SnowCastle Cats

Questions answers from the video
How old is Toby?Toby is 3 Years old.
Is 8 weeks too young for a Kitten to leave home ? .... The GCCF recommends that no kitten should go to its new home until at least 13 weeks of age, and a week after its full course of primary vaccinations has been completed.

British Shorthair Cat
They are a pedigree cat with a striking stocky body, thick coat and wide broad face. You will have seen the British Blue that has a grey coat and amazing orange eyes. There are several other types of colours though such as Lilac Torties ( See our cat Britney, I will add a link to the video here) and colourpoint etc.
This is a very old cat breed and super popular in the UK. But you won't see many walking around the streets or outside as they are so expensive they would easily get stolen! They make great house pets though so they don't need to go outside and face dangers and road traffic. They do love a secure garden though and will enjoy a bit of fresh air and sunshine. Just remember to give them shade and access to water on a hot day!
All of our cats our Registered with The GCCF Governing Council of the Cat Fancy wich has a useful website and source of information as well.
The breed is very friendly and calm and has been used on TV and was also the inspiration for The Cheshire cat form Alice In Wonderland ! How cool is that!
Find a reputable breeder, you can find a list on the GCCF website or go to a GCCF or TICA Cat show. A cat show is a great place to see lots of different cat breeds and meet breeders. When finding a cat breeder make sure that they are registered and ask lots of questions. Go to visit the breeder, look at the mother and the stud cat as well if available. Look at how clean the cats are and do they look healthy. Are they playful and friendly?

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