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CATS ARE CUTE Gameplay for Android & iOS - Love cats? Funny cat game!

Big Paw Gaming

Cats Are Cute game is... a unique experience that I have never felt before!

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Cats Are Cute gameplay consists of collecting cats, building the town for them, upgrading the town and tapping your phone like crazy to unlock new levels and level up everything.

Each cat is somehow personalized and it will ask you sometimes to complete some missions or just play with them. Some cats like to be pat, some like to play hide and seek in the forest, and others will just sleep non-stop.

The graphics are very unique and hand-written. Almost everything is black & white, but there are these rare cats (and fishes) that give some colors to the game. At first, I didn't know what I was looking for, but then I thought it is quite cute.

If you ask me what is the score of Cats Are Cute review, then it could be a 1/10 and it could also be 10/10. This game is so unique and so special, it is extremely hard to characterize it. At first, when I was playing it, I would think 'wth am I doing with my life" and then once I stopped playing it for past 2-3 days, I still thinking about the game. It definitively has the feeling of getting you back to... tap your phone again.

Cats Are Cute game tips: tap your phone non-stop. You get the fishes and level up your town.

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******* DESCRIPTION *******


Cats Are Cute is a game of management, simulation, roleplaying and tapping till your finger falls off and your main heroes are... cute hand-drawn cats.

A game like never tried before!

- Super easy to play
- Fun to collect, watch, and care for adorable cats
- Discover cats' skills and their characteristics
- You can build buildings where the cats live, and make your own village

Collect Hearts by petting and paying with the cats.
Collect Fish and Catgrass to discover and become friends with new cats.
Discover your cat's special and goofy skills.
Decorate your buildings and build your own cat village.

posted by Aoinetw