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Cats 101 : Top 10 Most Affectionate Cats

Kitten Life

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In today's video, we're going to talk about the Top 10 Most Affectionate Cat Companions.

Even though cat fanciers have been selecting and breeding cats specifically for their unique appearances, some cat breeds seem to be distinctly friendlier and more affectionate than others.

Here are the top 10 most affectionate cat breeds of all time!

1. Ragdoll.

The Ragdoll is considered to be a native kitty to the United States. It is said that they originated in California during the 1960s. The breed was created from a longhaired, lightgrey cat named Josephine and a black cat. It's believed that Josephine may have been a hybrid of a Persian and potentially a Birman or Siamese.

The elegant Ragdoll is an easygoing kitty. They are calm, placid, and love their cuddles. They're known for their silly behavior such as drinking water from a tap or going limp like a “rag doll” when picked up. Your Ragdoll will be the ultimate lap cat, and because of their very docile persona, they make perfect pets for families with children or other pets.

2. Siamese.

Ever wonder who the royal feline of the cat world maybe? The Siamese, of course! The Siamese cat has enjoyed this luxurious and royal status for centuries. This outgoing, chatty kitten is famous for its remarkable baby blue eyes, strikingly large ears, and sleek, muscular body.

The Siamese are very affectionate and intelligent cats with distinct outgoing nature. They seek and enjoy the companionship of humans and as well as other cats. They will often strongly bond with their favorite human. These kitties are very vocal and will demand your attention with a loud, lowpitched voice. And their pale blue eyes are quite striking. Throughout history, this look has given them an edge that helped them gain popularity among catlovers across the world. Their affectionate personalities didn’t hurt either.

3. Sphynx.

Sphynx cats are the utmost affectionate cats who love entertaining their families and treasure meeting new humans. These cats won't shy away or hesitate to demand your attention. Their sweetnature is accompanied by a high level of energy. They will always find a new way to entertain you.

They are extremely playful and will find diverse activities around the house to keep entertained. When they’re not on the go, they love cuddling and resting on your lap. Sphynx cats serve as excellent therapy pets due to their friendly, warmnatured temperament and genuine love for meeting new people. They’re known to cuddle with you beneath the covers at night and fix themselves on your lap during the day.

4. Ragamuffin.

Ragamuffin is a variant of the Ragdoll cat established as a separate breed in 1994. Like their related breed, they are notorious for their friendly and affectionate personalities and their thick, dense fur. All the colors except for colorpoint are allowed.

Ragamuffin is the kind of kitty that will follow you around everywhere and greet you at the door with a meow. They are social and outgoing and get along with most humans, as well as dogs and other cats. They are patient and intelligent, so you can teach them a number of cool tricks. They will gladly snuggle up against you while you're watching TV or reading a book, but they will also cherish any playful activity you can come up with.

5. Scottish Fold.

Scottish Folds are captivating felines who carry a distinctive feature of forwardfolded ears and bear a reputation of being unusually loving companions. The folded ears of the breed are caused by an autosomal incomplete dominant mutation. Folds come in all coat colors, patterns, and lengths.

Interestingly, they are notorious for sleeping in very peculiar positions. Scottish Folds are very social and friendly cats. They don’t love being left alone, so if you’re a working professional, this may not be the breed for you. But if you have time to love your cat unconditionally, you’ve found your match. Folds are moderately active and yet very intelligent and agile. They will gladly engage in games with you and follow you around from room to room.


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