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Cats 101 : Best Cats for Beginners

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In today's video, we are going to talk about the Best Cat Breeds for First Time Owners.

Getting your first cat is both an exciting and overwhelming experience. Although adoption and rescue are always recommended, taking home a cat from a rescue or a shelter means your cat will most likely not be purebred. If you do choose to add a pedigreed cat to your family, you should try to look for a breed that fits your own character and personality. Hence, it's of the utmost importance for new cat owners to look at a cat's grooming needs, energy level, vocalness, adaptability, curiosity, degree of affection, and appearance before adding the furball to their household.

It's important to remember though that every cat is unique and therefore might not exactly match the physical traits and personality characteristics of its breed. Of course, it's those little differences that make cat owners love their hairy companions so much.

Here are the lists of the Best Cat Breeds for Beginners according to Experts.

1. Persian Cat.

If you're looking for a cat with a relatively low activity level and long flowing coat, the Persian might be the right cat for you. With big round eyes, a large round head, and a massive body with short legs, the Persian is a great cat to come home to after a long day, she said.

Persians communicate with their soft voice and expressive eyes. They are playful but will not demand to play or be loved. They will not be ones to jump high or perform extensive climbing due to their body shape.

2. Russian Blue Cat.

Russian blues are sweettempered and loyal cats, known for their silky, short blue coats and large, green brilliance eyes. Russian blues are pretty quiet except when it's mealtime. Russian blues are devoted and affectionate to their family but can be shy around strangers. Noting that these cats are also susceptible to their human's mood and will provide comfort when needed.

Russian blue is also one of the most intelligent breeds.

3. Maine Coon Cat.

Maine coons are perfect for owners who like dogs but want cats. They're curious, gentle giants with long, flowing coats who like to follow you around like a pup.

The Maine coon's size and distinctive coat are the breed's most easily recognized characteristics. Like all longhaired cats, Maine coons benefit from frequent combings due to their uneven and shaggy fur having three different lengths. They also have large tufted paws to provide protection when walking on the snow and large ears to hear predators and prey.

4. Siamese Cat.

The Siamese has a distinctive voice, a raspy yowl that can be loud, and they're not afraid to voice their thoughts. They're also very loving and very persistent in getting their wants and desires met because, with their loud purr, you can't help but indulge them.

The Siamese is also known for its sleek body, wedge head, colored points, muscular grace, long legs, and a slender tail. They're also recognizable with their short and silky coat that comes in a variety of colors and deep blue, almondshaped, and slantpositioning eyes.

5. Scottish Fold Cat.

Besides those distinctive ears, Scottish folds are known to be sensitive, expressive, and active.

Scottish folds are sweet and affectionate cats that have a very soft and gentle voice, noting that they aren't vocal often. They love human companionship and aren't afraid to request it in their quiet way. They're also very comfortable in both a loud multiperson household and a quiet singleperson household.

Scottish folds are generally intelligent, quicktempered, calm, and easily adapt to new people and situations.

6. Ragdoll Cat.

Defined by its pointed pattern, the ragdoll has a long coat, although not as long as the Persian or Maine coon. With plush and silky fur, the ragdoll requires minimal grooming, noting that a ragdoll's appearance is wellbalanced without any extreme features.

Ragdolls are very docile and gentle while playing as well as great cats for a busy lifestyle due to their easy care and well manner. They are affectionate and will ensure to greet you every time you return home. They can be taught different tricks, including fetch and come. They're a bestbuddy kind of cat.

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