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Cat wants attention

Becky Johnson - tinytowncatlady

Dexter is my second oldest cat out of 9 indoor cats. He was April 1, 2013 and was rescued at 7 weeks old. His name's was going to be Scuttles but his personality directed us to call him Dexrer. He is a stinker and likes FOOD and to annoy the other cats. Dexter doesn't like to be held or picked up but he likes sleeping next to me, being brushed, chin scratchies, patty butts and running on his One fast cat exercise wheel.
He is very vocal when he wants food. He likes to watch me make new toys and will sit quietly until it is finished so he can play first.
this video was made when I was busy on my laptop and he decided he wanted my attention. After multiple attempts, I decided to record it. I had no clue how things would go but ultimately he got his "patty butts"

Dexter developed diabetes in April 2021 after 3 years of steroids to help treat his autoimmune disease and stomatitis. We changed his diet to Darwin's raw cat food and started insulin. He absolutely loved his raw Darwin's food. After watching him suffer with stomatitis flaring up without steroids I knew I couldn't let him continue suffering. He was getting extremely depressed with being constantly poked to check his blood levels and give him insulin. It was too much and not fair to him. I had to make that decision to let my sweet boy across the rainbow bridge. On May 17, 2021 Dexter went to sleep in my arms at the vet.
Even though I have more kitty cats than my arms can hold at one time, I still miss him being here. I miss our conversations.

As I write this update his video has over 17,000 views. ❤
Thanks to all who have taken the time to watch the video of my sweet boy.

I am so very thankful I recorded this special time with him. It makes me smile and remember my sweet boy.

posted by Artemiuszrb