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CAT Strategy & Tricks for RC | Approach for VARC | Pune Classroom Session

Ketan KG Cetking

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CAT 2018 | Strategy & Tricks for RC | Approach for VARC | Pune Classroom Session

This video clears all the doubts about VARC Preparation and approach for CAT 2018. This is a Pune Classroom session wherein I discussed all the VARC Strategies in a way question and answer session with students

This video will help you to understand
1.Approach towards VARC for next 40 days to VAT 2018
2. How to strategies your preparation for CAT 2018
3. How to Practice RC for next 40 days
4. Proven strategies to knock off RC's Verbal Ability - How to solve parajumbles & jumbled sentences in CAT and Other Exams. Get IIM Call in 10 days. Quant Section. 10 topics 10 days plan. FTII Acting Course in Association With Films Division. CAT Strategy & Tricks for RC | Increase Attempts, Accuracy & Speed | Pune Classroom Session. Why you scoring low in CAT Verbal - Strategies to improve your Score. Inference Based Questions for CAT Reading Comprehension - How to Solve. CAT 2018. what score at what percentile and what college. 30 Days to CAT | Preparation Strategy and Planning. Strategy & Tricks for RC | Actual CAT RC Solved Part 2 | Pune Classroom Session. Parajumble Strategy Workshop Part 1| Rearrangement of Sentences Tricks. CAT 2018 Preparation Strategy | Fundamakers. Course of Action - Short Cut Tricks & Strategy Workshop. Complete CAT LRDI Revision | Master DILR for CAT in 1 hour. All about JBIMS. Placements Profile Cutoffs. CAT 2018 LRDI 90 Percentile Sure Shot Strategy.

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