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Cat Meows Underwater [ORIGINAL VIDEO]


1/30/21 McLovin crossed the rainbow bridge today. He's at peace now. Please watch this memorial video I put together in his honor:    • MLEM  Crossing The Rainbow Bridge  


My cat McLovin meows from underwater while I'm giving him a bath. Yes, his name is McLovin. I get a lot of questions about that. Before you comment and rejoice to the masses by referring to me an animal abuser, realize that my cat is happy, healthy & fine. Watch some of the other videos featuring him on my channel. You'll see.

He just doesn't like the bath, as most cats don't. And contrary to the belief of some, there is no actual animal abuse happening in this video. I am not holding him down in the tub, and he was free to jump out at any time. The door to the bathroom was obviously closed behind me. Also, there is NOT too much water in the tub. My cat is CLEARLY crouching, and he could have stood up higher at any point during the video.

To give you a little more back story, McLovin had to have the majority of his tongue surgically removed. It's a long story. It took him several months to learn to eat orally again after his surgery. Because he has no tongue, he cannot groom himself, and therefore, I must bathe him, or he becomes matted and starts chewing his fur out in clumps.

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