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Cat Habitat

Carol Stalions

This awesome Cat Habitat located in Wauconda, IL was built by Rock Solid Builders of McHenry, IL. The Cat Walk was built by the owner after she got tired of carrying the cats back & forth to the Habitat. This Habitat protects the cats from the critters that live in the Preserve area behind the house. CATIPILLA PRO CAT CLIMBING FRAME REVIEW! | CHRIS & EVE. Luxury Cat House. Walkthrough of Large Netted Cat Enclosure Surrounding Entire House. our cat enclosure. Building a Catio and Catio design ideas. Ultimate Cat Lady: Woman Shares Her Home With 1,100 Felines. How to Get a Cat to Like You | Lifehacker. Custom Creative Outdoor Cat Enclosure! Somerzby Catio - Cat Enclosure. Cat Tree - building multilevel cat entertainment center. 5 Incredible Inventions For Your Cat #7 ✔. Gigantic Cat Enclosure. My cat enclosure. The Meow Manor - A Safe and Secure Outdoor Cat Enclosure! Who Let the Cats Out? Deluxe Cat Enclosure.

posted by Spugnivf