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CAT ESSENTIALS | things you need to buy before you get a kitten | Ragdolls Pixie and Bluebell

Pixie and Bluebell


Hello everypawdy!

We hope you will find this video helpful :) You can find time stamps and links to everything below, as well as a couple extra notes on the video. As always, ask in the comments, if you have any questions!

Time stamps:
00:15 Food bowls
00:51 Placemat
01:27 Water fountain
02:33 Litter box
05:53 Cat litter
08:34 Scoops and dustpan & brush
09:11 Cat tree
10:19 Scratchers
11:34 Cat grass
12:58 Brushes and claw trimmer
15:49 Shampoo
16:25 Toys
20:19 Food and treats

Our videos on items mentioned:
✰ Cat tree:
✰ Scratcher:
✰ Growing cat grass:
✰ Brushing routine:
Zooplus toys hauls:

✰ Homemade raw food batch making:

Few extra notes on the info in the video:
Bathing your cat... Honestly, cats groom themselves so well, that really, you only need to do it in case of some dirty accidents. Unless you have a show cat that has to be bathed before a show. So don't worry about baths!
Food: It is best to start with the food that your kitten has been eating while still with its mum. You can slowly transition them to food of your choice after a few weeks, by mixing new food with old for some time, until their stomachs get used to the new food. If you are transitioning to raw food, kittens can start eating it straight away and generally don't need the adjustment period :)

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✰ Our cat tree (modified):
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✰ Our hoover Dyson V11 absolute:


Cat harness:
Water fountain:
Flower placemat:
Food bowls (similar):
Food bowl (similar)
Flower placemat
Litter box
Infinite scratcher
Wave cardboard scratcher (similar):
Spring toys:
✰ Catproofing a balcony:
Bird Net:

✰ Our photo and video equipment:
Canon 1545mm f/3.56.3 lens:
Canon 22mm f/2.0 lens:
Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro lens:
Tamron 2470mm f/2.8 lens:
DJI roninSC Gimbal:

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As always, thank you for watching and see you next time!
Pixie and Bluebell

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