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🚙Car Seagull / Chaika 🏆 GAZ-13 Chaika USSR Luxury 🚗 Russian Packard 55

Rare Russian Rides

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Executive soviet car:
GAZ13 "Chaika" is a Soviet executive passenger car of a large and executive class, produced in a small series at the Gorky Automobile Plant from 1959 to 1981. He replaced the ZIM generation model GAZ12. Starting with this model, this (large) class of cars becomes privileged: their mass production stops and they are not allowed to be used by anyone except for certain level leaders, Soviet ambassadors (diplomats) and foreign citizens. In this regard, the palette of possible body colors is also limited. In 1977, the next generation model, the Chaika GAZ14, came to replace it. Soviet car Chaika.

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