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Car Camping in the forest with my cat! (ENG SUB)

Claire Luvcat

#Cats #Camping #CarCamping

01:06 LuLu Tries to Take TT’s Spot
05:29 Cats in a Tent
08:40 Making Sous Vide While Camping
09:27 Cat Wordlessly Begs for a Bite
10:27 TT Climbs a Tree
13:39 LuLu’s Mukbang Show
18:36 Q&A
24:42 TT Wants to Hunt!

* My original trip to find a cure for TT:    • 고양이를 살려주세요  

In 2019, my cat TT was diagnosed with feline kidney disease.
When cats develop kidney disease, their kidneys are no longer able to function properly, leading them to waste away until they die.
There is currently no known cure for feline kidney disease. That’s why I’ve spent the past few years painstakingly giving TT medication on a daily basis. These medications aren’t even meant to help her get better at most, they just keep her disease from getting worse.
Obviously, TT wasn’t a fan of having to take her medication every day. Maybe that’s why she’s lost a lot of energy and motivation over the years.
However, last autumn, I learned about a lab in Japan that was working on a cure for kidney disease. I made a trip to the lab to see if I could find a way to help TT, and found hope for her future.
Now, TT and I are planning on making a trip to Japan to participate in the drug trials. I want to make sure she can participate before she gets any older, or before her condition deteriorates.
I know it’s not going to be easy. She’s a house cat, after all, and house cats aren’t big on longdistance trips. Even so, I have to try.
I hope that the end of this adventure can bring hope to not just TT and I, but all cats and cat caretakers around the world who are also suffering like us.

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