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Canada and The United States Compared

Mr. Beat

Mr. Beat compares and contrasts his home country of the United States with its northernly neighbor, Canada. Oh Canada.

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Produced by Matt Beat. All images/video by Matt Beat, found in the public domain, or used under fair use guidelines. Thanks to Tim Betts for help with animations in the video. Music by Ready for Freddy and South Street Strut.

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Canada and The United States of America

The two biggest countries in North America

Both have a lot in common...

Woah, are we really gonna do this? Ok, let’s do this…

Both have very close cultural and economic ties.

So actually, both are two of the biggest countries in the world. Canada is slightly bigger than the United States.

Both share the world’s longest border between two countries. The border stretches 5,525 miles….or...I mean, 8,891 kilometers. Yeah while Canada has officially adopted the metric system as a whole, the United States is only one of three countries in the entire world that hasn’t. That said, plenty of Canadians don’t always use the metric system to measure stuff, and plenty of Americans do often use the metric system.

Anyway, let’s stick with more similarities first, ok?

Both are two of the wealthiest, most developed countries in the world. Immigrants have flocked to both countries for economic opportunity for centuries, which is why major cities in both are some of the mostly ethnically diverse in the world.

Both have mixed economies and have a progressive tax system on income. However, Canadians definitely pay higher taxes overall.

Oh lots of trading be going on between the two. The United States is Canada’s largest trading partner, and Canada is consistently a top three trading partner for the United States. Both are in NATO and have historically fought as allies in wars.

Both have lots of natural resources. Both have a wide variety of climates and rainfall patterns.

Both are democratic. Specifically, the United States is a democratic republic, and Canada is a parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy.

Both are growing at about the same rate. (C .7%, US .8%)

Residents of both generally like their space. Indeed, everything is more spread out in both countries.

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