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Can Meeko The Peeing Cat Save Himself From Being Rehomed? | My Cat From Hell | Animal Planet

Animal Planet

Eighteenyearold Alex is getting ready to go off to college, but she’s afraid once she leaves her mom, Gena, will get rid of her cat, Meeko, who pees all over the house. The situation has gotten so bad that Meeko is now quarantined to Alex’s room, and the smell of cat pee is so prevalent that it burns their eyes and nose. When Meeko’s not peeing he’s attacking anyone and everyone. Gena is at the end of her rope and has made it clear that Meeko won’t be her problem when Alex goes off to school. #AnimalPlanet #MyCatFromHell

About My Cat From Hell:
Jackson Galaxy brings his unique understanding and compassion to desperate families on the verge of giving up their furry companions.

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