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Calfreezy u0026 Chip | Chunkz u0026 Filly Show | Episode 17

The Chunkz and Filly Show

If you like weird podcasts then this is for you. Conspiracy, skincare, travel and much more…

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This nearly didn’t come out…

0:00 "What episode number is this?"
0:22 The Music
0:26 You've never dumped an episode?
1:10 When did you meet?
2:36 FazeChip????
4:03 Rating podcasts...
4:49 Favourite YouTuber of all time?
7:54 Travelling
10:56 Best Podcast Guest?
11:59 Calfreezy did 75 HARD
13:46 TikTok Cooking for Chip...
14:48 ‍♂ Filly's Life
18:38 ⏳ Do you prefer YouTube then or now?
19:12 W2S gets away with it!
20:18 When did we all first meet?
27:44 Content has evolved!
28:47 YouTube Glowups
30:19 "Grab Shopping?"
35:12 Would you upset your partner for content?
37:13 Johnny Carey and Beta
40:00 Who is on the "comeup"?
40:53 Why do you stream?
42:25 1M streams in a day!
42:58 Would you get AI in your brain?
48:47 AFCON Wood
49:07 Bin off eps...
54:20 Filly Twerking for Brands
55:40 ‍♂ Conspiracy Theories
01:03:08 ‍♂ Best Friend Quiz
01:12:43 Have you been on a cruise ship?
01:16:56 Who would be your dream guest? You?
01:19:27 Calfreezy and BurntChip: Thanks!
01:20:18 Thank you for watching!

posted by skipmta