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Baby Ducks Hatch LIVE | Brooklyn and Bailey

Brooklyn and Bailey

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If you follow Kamri's Instagram​, you've known that we've had a duck nesting in our back yard for six weeks, laying a total of 15 eggs!

Well, last week 12 of the remaining 15 eggs hatched. A magpie ate one egg, and two others were duds. We documented the hatching of the little ducklings and caught some super cute footage.

We did not touch the eggs at all, and were careful not to upset the mother duck. There was always one egg that seemed to be exposed, because she was sitting on 15 of them, and we assume that the two duds and Cheep Cheep's egg were the three most exposed to the cold air.

Cheep Cheep really struggled, taking 10 hours to hatch while the others took under 4 hours. Clearly there was something wrong with this, and the mother duck noticed, too. When it came time to teach her ducks to swim, she led them away from the nest, into our pool, and then down to our community pond.

She left Cheep Cheep there, alone, and limp, lying there waiting to die. Kamri was heartbroken, and read online what to do with orphan ducklings. She knew to keep them warm, and did all she could to nurse him back to life.

By the next morning, Cheep Cheep was full of life, and curious about everything! He followed Kamri around the house like Kamri was her mother. Then the next day, when Kamri was gone, Cheep Cheep started following Braidy around!

Kamri found that there is a volunteerrun bird refuge in Dallas, and knew we had to give Cheep Cheep to them so they could make sure he is taken care of. We all struggled saying goodbye, but Kamri had a soft spot in her heart for Cheep Cheep!

Experiences like this remind us how fragile life really is, and how important love is. Sometimes love is all we need!

Be sure to give this video a big "", and comment below if you have a pet!

Love y'all!

❤‍ Brooklyn


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