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Bus Conversion Timelapse // Amateur Builders turn Air Force Bus into a Dream Home

Number Juan Bus

This is the bus conversion timelapse of the 1992 blue bird we bought in 2017 and turned into our dream tiny house on wheels. When we bought the bus we had no experience in building and spent the next year and a half learning as much as we could through YouTube videos and trial and error. It was a labor of love. We put our blood, sweat and tears into the build and the end result is what we now call our dream home!

Since completing the build in 2019 we have been living and traveling full time, and documenting our bus life adventure with weekly Vlogs on YT and daily post on IG. This timelapse video shows the process from start to finish and then the remodel we did in 2021 to adjust a few things for our growing toddler.

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